About SQUIRCLE Workshops

A New Way To Think For A New World


Get on a proven path to master the innovation game

Discover novel processes to solve complex problems, generate, and implement innovative solutions

Design Thinking 2.0

Learn how to include everyone in a sure process where every worthwhile idea becomes a profitable innovation.

2 Day

SQUIRCLE Complex Problem Solving

Learn how to ask deeper questions, surface creative ideas and complex problem solving.

2 Day


Turn disruption into an opportunity

Discover a natural way to uncover an untapped potential to sail through radical change and pivot with ease.

Thrive through uncertainty

Did you know that a low tolerance for uncertainty will not only hinder agility but also limit performance, creativity, and emotional balance in times of unknown? Learn individually and as a team how to develop a positive outlook toward uncertainty, overcome barriers and achieve your goals no matter what.

This is a 2 day Workshop

SQUIRCLE Collaboration

Harness all human potential. Even the hidden talents of outliers in your organization

When virtual work prevails, it is getting harder to keep teams engaged, productive and intrapreneurial. We provide proprietary tools, techniques and methodologies to bring and keep your team at peak performance, in a way that is natural, effective and conducive of well-being.

SQUIRCLE Team Performance Optimization

Build high-performing teams based on how individuals like to think, work and solve problems. Now, teams can be assembled, function and grow together according to specific types of tasks, ensuring better outcomes. Collective intelligence on steroids.

1 Day

Leadership Executive Meeting

Our detailed and precise methodology for shared leadership fosters strategic thinking and creative ideas in a meeting process where everyone can be heard and proceed with confidence. An empowering group leadership experience with direct long-term business impact.

3 to 6 Months

SQUIRCLE Communication

Turn human complexity into a competitive advantage

SQUIRCLE gives both logical and intuitive thinkers the space and tools needed to better understand each other, express ideas with clarity, confront opinions and achieve common goals.

Optimize team communication

We will enable you to embrace diversity with a new outlook on nuances and levels of language and other forms of communication, supported by the insights of individual and team SQUIRCLE assessment results.
1 Day

Custom Solutions

We often design SQUIRCLE ad hoc programs to accelerate the success of our clients’ businesses, people, and organizations.