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A Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble Best Seller, SQUIRCLE explains simply and effectively what keeps people and organizations from their natural capacity to thrive in uncertain times and turn disruption into a competitive advantage.

The Four Areas Where We Help You Unleash Your Natural Abilities

The originality of our approach is that we don’t teach anything. Through immersive experiences we will guide you to discover what is already in each one of us: a natural capacity to adapt and create new solutions, in pretty much every situation. We have operationalized these innate abilities into techniques and tools you can immediately apply in the workplace to solve increasing complex challenges and succeed.


Our proprietary methodology includes everyone in the innovation process to best overcome individual and organizational inertia. As a result the best creative ideas get surfaced and channeled through the pipeline so that innovation actually happens.


Like relationships, communication is complex. SQUIRCLE turns complexity into a competitive advantage and growth mindset. Resulting in effective, richer and more authentic connections.


With our proven SQUIRCLE assessment, we will help you identify and embrace the diversity of profiles in your organization. Team performance and innovation will improve.


Adaptation is in our DNA. SQUIRCLE enables us to sail through change seamlessly from our inner core and awakens our innate inability to do more, with less time and more ease.

Apply the same business transformation principles that helped our Fortune 500 global clients

What People Say

‘We came into a 3-day session at the LVMH House in London not really knowing what to expect and left…transformed! SQUIRCLE Framework and Coaches helped us make a very significant organizational change in only 8 months. A real team dynamic emerged to last, based on a strong emotional connectivity which enhanced mutual trust and brought the best out of everyone. All team-members deeply enjoyed the value of the work and the positive impact it had on their individual development. Business performance ‘naturally’ ensued like never before.”

– Jomo Elg, General Manager, Make Up Forever APAC, LVMH

“I worked with the SQUIRCLE Academy team and we all embraced a SQUIRCLE Mindset. I saw my team of finance and IT executives transform in front of my eyes.”

– Olivier Leontini, CFO-CTO, Zebra Technologies, Chicago, IL

At a historical time when probably more than ever we need to rethink the way we think, SQUIRCLE Offers a fresh sustainable path forward and a decisive business competitive advantage.

– Caroline Brown, Managing Director, Investment Firm Closed Loop Partners, New York City, NY