SQUIRCLE Team Performance Optimization

Discover a groundbreaking way to build high performing teams based on how each individual prefers to think, work, and solve problems to contribute their best.

Course overview

How do you ensure that the team you put together is fit to reach the objectives you assign to them and dares to tackle challenging issues? In this training, you will discover

– a way to assemble teams fitted for your specific goals.

– a model and action steps to offer your teams a reliable and empathetic process for balancing confrontation and consensus.

This approach will improve both team engagement and team performance at once.


  1. Assess individuals to compose teams according to the nature of the task for more effective teamwork, more individual satisfaction, and flowing group dynamics.
  2. Empower teams with a system to challenge each other and deliver.
  3. Identify and give a voice to outliers and their unique perspectives.


  1. Increased team productivity, agility, and creativity in your own or cross-functional teams.
  2. Individual and group self-awareness of mutual strengths, opportunities, and synergies.
  3. Access to decisive and hard-to-find internal resources at no cost.


Format & Target

FORMAT: Online Training Workshop

TARGET: Management Level


SQUIRCLE Serious Game™ / Introduce SQUIRCLE framework / Debrief Individual and Team assessment and profiles / In same-profile sub-groups, participants have to formulate a complex problem they face

Review process and outcomes of morning session / Debrief take-aways / Discuss how this informs assembling functional or cross-functional teams and working together for best synergies in terms of thinking outside the box, optimizing resources, achieving projects, intrapreneurship and adapting to uncertainty.