SQUIRCLE Complex Problem Solving

In an increasing VUCA world, complex problem solving is becoming today one of the top priority skill sets of managers and leaders.

Course overview

Designed to take a team from the initial problem to an action plan, SQUIRCLE Complex Problem Solving offers a step-by-step roadmap to reach the best conclusions. At each step participants explore many options, reframing the problem before identifying the ultimate approach.


  1. Exploration to define the root problem
  2. Reframe problems to find more potential solutions
  3. Tap into individual and collective intuitive intelligence to embrace complexity and problem-solve


  1. Solutions to the actual problems and not just the symptoms
  2. Deeper, more creative solutions
  3. Ownership by team to move forward with solutions

Format & Target

FORMAT: Management Level

TARGET: Online Training Workshop


Based on SQUIRCLE GPS Assessment, identify synergies between profiles, leverage untapped resources and design new ways of looking at problems. 

Build complementary diverse teams and task specific teams

Reframe problems through a diverging and converging creative process in complementary teams

Reframe problems through a diverging and converging creative process in task specific teams

Compare and contrast morning and afternoon processes and outcomes. Discuss pluses of each reframed problem to identify formulations most conducive of efficient complex problem solving. 

Group play SQUIRCLE Game. Debrief key learning to give up mental control over complex problem solving process and open to a mindful dialog, where participants listen and enable solutions to emerge. 

Group reflects and builds their own curriculum and process to complex problem-solve leveraging on average group profile and group outliers strengths and opportunities. Then discuss company culture specificities and how to adapt for organizational roll out.