Design Thinking 2.0

Companies spend most of their resources on ideation when studies show decreasing levels of creativity at work and research points not to ideation but to implementation as the critical stage. Building on 15 years helping the most innovative companies trailblaze and stay ahead, we provide a proprietary approach to innovation based on a deeper scientific understanding of human creativity and motivation made simple, actionable and accessible to all profiles.

Course overview

Our proprietary process enhances Design Thinking in two ways. First, it puts people in the roles best suited for their profiles so that they contribute at high comfort and achievement levels. Second, the teams you put together specifically address all four stages of the Design Thinking process from positions of strength. Combined these two factors create a virtuous effect that has the power to overcome organizational inertia and unleash unprecedented levels of innovation in your organization.


Teach every employee how to best contribute to innovation and organizational change. Teach staff how to compose groups to master equally the four stages of Design Thinking. Teach and practice a unique innovation process from ideation to implementation.



A 360 shared innovative mindset throughout the organization. Empowered teams assembled to succeed with innovation. A scalable reliable process of innovation that makes innovation actually happens.

Format & Target

Timeline: 2 days

Target: All employees

Through our proprietary serious game, introduce the SQUIRCLE GPS™ and assess team group and individual profile. Learn how to leverage these profiles to manage innovation. Discover four take-aways essential to shorten the innovation process and ensure the expected outcomes.

Innovation management process phase 1 & 2 shaped after Design Thinking

Debrief Day 1 process and capture key take-aways and learning

Reenergize team dynamic for peak creative performance 

Innovation management process phase 3 & 4 shaped after Design Thinking

Design a detailed action plan for efficient implementation process and success. Process to anticipate and overcome individual and organizational inertia and resistance, and to leverage team members specific strengths to implement and organizational assistors.

Debrief Day 2 process and capture key take-aways and learning