Strong Square Profile

When making tough or complicated decisions, the Strong Square profile has a strong tendency to favor using analytical and structured thinking over free-flowing intuition. This means they’re able to stay on course with their roadmap and its details, and handle tasks in a timely manner no matter what. 

WHAT THEY DO WELL: Extremely efficient at making rational decisions; challenging situations don’t scare
them off. 

WHERE THEY HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY: They largely favor a structured and orderly approach rather than going with the flow or going with their gut. For the Strong Square profile, anything that isn’t concrete and fact-based appears unreliable. That kind of systematic thought process is very efficient in meeting deadlines and goals. However, it can hold them back from applying their natural intuition to complex problem-solving, especially when a disruptive situation calls for a radically fresh approach! That’s why it’s important that they learn to shift their thinking to include a bit more of their creative and adaptive side, as well as better collaborate with profiles who easily pivot, adapt, and thrive in disruption.