Strong Circle Profile

When a Strong Circle profile is faced with challenges and the unexpected, they have a clear tendency to be more fluid and flexible rather than structured and analytical when making decisions. They’re champions when it comes to going with the flow and facing whatever comes their way.

WHAT THEY DO WELL: Strong Circle profiles are good at pivoting and remaining flexible.

WHERE THEY HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY: Since they downplay structure and analysis, leaning into improvisation can work in some situations, but they cannot ignore times when practical thinking is needed. Not acknowledging structure can limit their ability to work in a team and get along with different SQUIRCLE profiles, like the Square. People with significantly higher Square preferences might have a hard time following the Strong Circle’s non-linear thinking and approach to life and work; they might come across as unsafe or unreliable. Therefore, they should consider how to better collaborate with Square thinkers so they can better understand how to approach matters, create greater synergy, and achieve better outcomes. That is, if someone’s able to get the point across that Square dominance is counterproductive in the long run!