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About SQUIRCLE® Luxury Lab

In a world where 70% of transformation initiatives falter, SQUIRCLE® Luxury Lab (S2L) is a beacon for luxury Maisons’ and high-end lifestyle brands’ executives. We redefine human capital through a new mindset and science-based framework, enabling your business to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Outcomes for Participants

Identification of the root cause of this high faltering rate,

Unlearning limiting thinking that keeps you from overcoming this pervasive hurdle,

Proven principles to run and transform your business with less effort and more impact,

Actual implementation of innovative solutions that shorten time to value.

Deep Reflection

Delve into high-impact, complex decisions
often overshadowed by urgent matters.


Discover and hone a SQUIRCLE mindset

for managerial innovation and actionable breakthroughs.

Peer Support

Engage with diverse peers,
for fresh perspectives and solutions,

and for consistency and accountability.


Cultivate meaningful connections

and opportunities.

Our Clients

Case Studies

Ralph Lauren

Hachette Media

Lagardère Sports & Entertainment

Working with Francis Cholle is more than exciting. It is always very interesting and very stimulating. His approach helps reach the root cause of any business challenge and it systematically enriches any thought process with a lot of depth and rich perspectives. I only wish I had met him earlier in my career.

Ralph Lauren
Guillaume de Lesquen, Global President Ralph Lauren Fragrances

The intuitive compass® is not just a concept, it works! I had a first-hand experience working with Francis, and his methodology is both fun and effective. He has decoded the new meaning of success for individuals and organizations in the new economy. Anyone looking to reinvent legacy business models through creative and sustainable innovation should work with him and his model.

Hachette Media US
Philippe Guelton, EVP, COO, Hachette Media US

We came into a 3-day session at the LVMH House in London not really knowing what to expect and left…transformed! Francis helped us make a very significant organizational change. In only 8 months, a real team dynamic was built, based on a strong emotional connectivity which enhanced mutual trust and brought the best out of everyone. All team-members deeply enjoyed the value of the work and the positive impact it had on their individual development. Business performance ‘naturally’ ensued like never before.

Jomo Elg, General Manager, Make Up Forever APAC, LVMH

I have worked with Francis over five years in two different companies of the Lagardère Group, spanning three continents (Americas, EMEA and Africa). He has designed a unique methodology which enabled us to achieve outstanding financial and operational results in an unprecedented amount of time – less than 12 months!

Lagardère Sports & Entertainment EMEA
Alain Lemarchand, CEO, Lagardère Unlimited EMEA


Before S2L Session

Prepare for success:

Submit Your Questions

Share your challenges in advance or schedule a conversation with Francis Cholle.

Take the SQUIRCLE Test

Lay the foundation for your transformative journey.

During S2L Session

Experience collaborative growth:

Sub-Group Work

Collaborate in focused sessions with peers sharing similar challenges.

Facilitated by Francis Cholle

Benefit from expert facilitation boosting 
discussions with SQUIRCLE thinking.

After S2L Session

Stimulate continuous progress:

Knowledge Transfer

Receive curated articles, customized posts, and the latest research to fuel reflection.

LinkedIn Community

Engage in peer-to-peer coopetition 
to shorten your path to transformation.

Optimal Connectivity

Zoom Sessions

Meet other participants on our private room

LinkedIn Community

S2L participants thrive on continuous engagement and support.

SQUIRCLE® Luxury Lab happens on the last Wednesday of every month at 11:30am EST / 17h30 CET.

Our Partners

About Francis

Allow me to introduce myself. As an international management consultant and Fortune 100 & 500 C-suite strategic advisor, I help strong leadership teams run and transform their business in ways that conventional strategic management cannot. As a result they leapfrog competition and outperform their markets. In the past 15 years, I have worked with more than 20 global powerhouses across a wide variety of industries with a special inkling for luxury. I have had the privilege to advise leaders and their teams at Cartier, Chantelle, Donna Karan, Estée Lauder, Estée Lauder Companies, Louis Vuitton, LVMH, Maison Margiela, Make Up For Ever, Potenza Schouler, Puig, Ralph Lauren, Shiseido, Starboard Cruise, Vacherin Constantin and Viktor & Rolf. My extensive studies, research and practice in cognitive science, the performing arts, and eastern philosophies have profoundly influenced the development of my advisory work. The original approach to managerial innovation I developed unleashes natural abilities for creativity, agility, and resilience while boosting engagement and well-being. It enabled outstanding business turn arounds and shaped future proof organizations across 5 continents (see our case studies.)

In 2020, I simplified our original proven management framework into the easy-to-understand and highly efficient SQUIRCLE® model. It shows the path to tackle complex problems and make sure decisions in uncertainty. It is designed to help change at scale for long-term success through train-the-trainers programs.A graduate of the HEC School of Management in Paris, I am also accredited by various institutions to administer leadership, creativity, and personality assessments. I published three best selling or awarded books, available in 5 languages. On the faculty of the School of Visual Arts in New York City, I have taught and lectured at HEC MBA Paris, The University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, NYU Stern School of Business, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and in Europe’s ESCP-EAP executive MBA program.A French-American dual citizen, I divide my time between Los Angeles, New York, and Paris.

Embark on Your SQUIRCLE™ Journey

Empower your leadership

Embrace managerial innovation

Accelerate your success

Cultivate meaningful relationships