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SQUIRCLE™ Growth Lab

Are You...

  • Facing challenges in taking your business to the next level
  • Struggling to find the right path to more clients, and scale?
  • Challenged to stand out from the competition?
  • Putting in effort but not seeing progress?
  • Grappling with work-life balance?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions,
SQUIRCLE Growth Lab is the right accelerator for you!

“SQUIRCLE™ GPS is game changing. I saw immediate business results in my practice, both as a mentor and a leader myself. It is both profound and easy to understand. For me it was a natural next step to add SQUIRCLE to my toolbox. It is so rich, so relevant to our times, and so efficient that I committed the next 10 years of my life to this work. SQUIRCLE GPS pitching kit is also very useful.”

Tyler Skinner, SQUIRCLE GPS Certified Coach, President of NAWBO CA Central Coast Board, San Luis Obispo, CA.

Squircle Achievement

Why Choose Us?

  • Quickly see business growth as you uproot mental blocks in your way
  • Get the results you want as you discover success levers specific to you
  • Stay consistent thanks to the structure, process, and resilience you’ll build with peers’ support
  • Hone in on unique solutions for your clients as you overcome the same struggles as theirs
  • By invitation only.
  • Join our exclusive community of aspiring and committed coaches and consultants.
  • Results Guaranteed.
  • Our gift to you.
  • When YOU win we win.

“SQUIRCLE is a unique and highly effective tool for appreciating the divergent talents and performance skills of a team to leverage their business growth. As an executive coach of over 20 years, I use a number of psychometric tools. One of the aspects that distinguishes SQUIRCLE is making this distinction between visionary leadership and disruptive creators. Another is the visual image which speaks directly to subconscious patterns and where the potential for burnout resides. From the first debrief I did with Francis I recognized his playful wisdom and deep insight into our human condition, merging science, nature and psychology. Personally, I was pivoting my own business to the next level and SQUIRCLE helped effectively accelerate growth and powerful results for my clients.” – Pr. Kim Walker

  • By invitation only.
  • Join our exclusive community of aspiring and committed coaches and consultants.
  • Results Guaranteed.
  • Our gift to you.
  • When YOU win we win.
  • By invitation only.
  • Join our exclusive community of aspiring and committed coaches and consultants.
  • Results Guaranteed.
  • Our gift to you.
  • When YOU win we win.

What’s Our Secret Weapon?

Our science-based proven model SQUIRCLE™ will give you the same insights that enabled our global Fortune 500 clients to see clearly the silent killer of their growth: an outdated linear way of thinking.

What Will You Get?

Business growth: Thanks to the rich perspectives and fresh solutions of a diverse community committed to breaking through similar challenges.

Unparalleled accountability: Thanks to monthly peer meetings monitored by none other than C-Suite Strategic Advisor Francis Cholle with his simple yet highly efficient holistic framework.

Ongoing stimulation: Through our exclusive LinkedIn community where you can continue collaborating and inspiring each other between meetings.

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“SQUIRCLE™ GPS psychometric instrument and assessment model is simply what we need today. I really like the concepts and its versatile approach to leaders, teams, and the organization. The research supporting it is also quite compelling.”

Paul Sale, SQUIRCLE GPS Certified Executive Coach and Former EVP HR of CISCO USA

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We have cracked open the challenges in the way of business growth. You will master the same principles and system that made our Fortune 500 clients around the world successful over the past 15 years.

Embark on a journey of expansion and success with SQUIRCLE Growth Lab starting Friday, June 21st, 2024, at 8:00 am PST.

Let’s build the future of your business together!

To Join SQUIRCLE Growth Lab You Must:

  • Be a coach or consultant
  • Have proven results in transforming professional lives and businesses
  • Aspire to accelerate your professional success and business growth
  • Recognize you need support and guidance to reach your next level of success
  • Be ready to adopt a growth mindset, be challenged, and take action

If you tick the boxes above then this peer group and accelerator is the right choice for you.

About Francis

Hello! Hello! I’m Francis, your ally in navigating the tumultuous seas of business growth as coaches and consultants.

C-Suite Strategic Advisor, Wall Street Journal & USA Today best-selling author, Sought-after keynote speaker, Visionary Founder & CEO of The Human Company, The SQUIRCLE™ Academy, and The Know Better World Foundation

My mantra? Shattering the linear mold. I nudge companies to re-envision business beyond the limits of conventional strategic management. And guess what? It yields tangible, gleaming business and financial triumphs for people just like you with coaching and consulting practices, the same way it does for our Fortune 500 clients around the world.