Here's an overview of what's included with your certification course (SGACC) and the incredible support you will receive:

One month of Self-Paced course

  • 1:1 debrief session of your SQUIRCLE GPS profile by the author,
  • Weekly videos, reading, and self-assessment to check assimilation (approx. 60 to 90 min total per week),
  • Four weekly deep dive sessions with peer-to-peer learning to deepen understanding of framework over 90 minutes (recorded),
  • Final self-assessment of 60 questions to review and fully onboard all content, (90 min).

Eleven monthly group coaching sessions to perfect how to pitch assessment and debrief clients’ profiles.

  • License to use SQUIRCLE Test & 20-page document of customized insights and strategies,
  • Pitching document and Sales conversation document,
  • Access to all our resources on SGACC Vault: book excerpts, curation of HBR / MIT articles, Trade magazines (Forbes, Fast Company), and Research papers. Videos and Scripts of activities you can offer to your clients. All necessary material to promote yourself as SQUIRCLE GPS Certified Coach, and more.

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Weekly SQUIRCLE Lab Sessions

  • Discuss, design, and implement strategies customized to your SQUIRCLE GPS profile,
  • Adopt, practice, and master SQUIRCLE mindset to boost your self performance,
  • Take your coaching practice to the next level in 4 to 6 months,
  • Stay on track with 5 additional months of weekly support.

On-going access to SQAC Concierge

  • Peer to peer support and assignment of growth partner to stay accountable with your business growth and goals,
  • Administrative support on all logistical questions, with our dedicated Concierge,
  • Support with FAQs on academic content and more with our Team.

Debrief Material

  • Visual of profile with metrics
  • Debrief Manual for Coach in four sections: SQUIRCLE score, four Quadrants, 12 parameters, and Introversion, Extroversion, and Ambiversion.
  • Report for clients with introduction to SQUIRCLE model, analysis of SQUIRCLE GPS profile, with multiple work life applications.
“SQUIRCLE® GPS is game changing. I saw immediate business results in my practice, both as a mentor and a leader myself. It is both profound and easy to understand. For me it was a natural next step to add SQUIRCLE to my toolbox. It is so rich, so relevant to our times, and so efficient that I committed the next 10 years of my life to this work.”
Tyler Skinner
entrepreneur, SQUIRCLE GPS Certified Coach, President of NAWBO CA Central Coast Board
“My career started in media, and I work today in entertainment. Bot industries keep being disrupted. Personal reinvention is daily routine. From first-hand experience SQUIRCLE® is both fun and effective. It made a radical difference in the way I adapt to change and lead.”
Philippe Guelton
CRO at Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment (Crackle Plus, Redbox)