Slight Square Profile

In general, the Slight Square profile leans toward a logical approach (based on facts) rather than an instinctive approach (based on what their gut tells them). When faced with tough or complicated matters, their decision-making and thinking style tend to be a bit more structured and practical rather than fluid and free-thinking. That means they can take heed of details, analyze, structure projects, and meet deadlines, but there’s more to them than just plowing through a workday. Being mindful of this will serve them well in order to thrive in disruption.

WHAT THEY DO WELL: Lean more into structure (analyzing, organizing, scheduling); naturally feel more comfortable than relying on intuition.

WHERE THEY HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY: When facing unexpected situations, their attraction to structure, order, and logical thinking may limit their ability to easily adapt, improvise, identify and adopt radically new solutions in disruptive times. When the Slight Square profile learns to embrace more of their Circle side — welcoming instinct into their problem-solving and decision-making process — they’ll be able to see complex situations from different angles and get to more original solutions. They’ll also be able to better collaborate and empathize with Circle counterparts, gaining a greater respect for their perspectives and thought processes.