Slight Circle Profile

The Slight Circle profile has the ability to flex and stretch their thinking to explore new solutions and possibilities. This is especially beneficial when facing disruptive situations because they can typically be more fluid and able to adapt rather than structured and stuck in their ways. They can readily improvise when needed!

WHAT THEY DO WELL: Both flexible and structured, with a slight preference for going with the flow. 

WHERE THEY HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY: The insights above only apply if they keep leaning into the part of them that is spontaneous and naturally able to adapt. If they can do that, they can use their ability to apply rational analysis to situations without letting rational thinking overpower (or squash) their intuition and agility. Fear of uncertainty can make the Slight Circle profile more rigid. Knowing this, the Slight Circle profile can try to learn new and different ways to deal with uncertainty better. It will help them retain balance more easily when faced with the unknown