Optimize team communication

We will enable you to embrace diversity with a new outlook on nuances and levels of language and other forms of communication, supported by the insights of individual and team SQUIRCLE assessment results.

Course overview

Do you speak in facts and numbers or stories and emotions? And what do you listen to — facts or stories?  The best teams are made up of both. In this training, you will be able to identify which groups you and your team members belong to and learn how to adjust your communication to include and engage everyone.


  1. Leverage Square and Circle communication for greater impact.
  2. Learn skills for deep listening and for being heard effectively.
  3. Develop a diverse vocabulary and communication style fully adapted to all types and situations.


  1. More realistic expectations and more effective communication.
  2. A honed SQUIRCLE mindset to handle complex situations and relationships where communication styles make a decisive difference.
  3. Mutual empowerment for more interpersonal synergies.

Format & Target

FORMAT: Management Level TARGET: Online Training Workshop DURATION: 1 Day Book a Consultation

SQUIRCLE Serious Game™: discover the science behind deep listening 

Introduce SQUIRCLE framework to value both approaches’ strengths and understand their respective limits 

Debrief Individual and Team assessment and profiles

In pairs of different profiles, participants have to communicate with their preferred style and then with their least developed style.

Review process and outcomes of morning session. Debrief take-aways

Discuss how this informs interpersonal communication inside the company culture and outside of the organization, specifically with key clients

Each participant identifies their own best practices, do’s and don’ts. Discuss with opposite profiles. Plenary debrief.

Participants agree on shared principles for optimum team communication inside and outside of organization.