A new way to think for a new world.

There’s never been a better time to change the way we think!

SQUIRCLE is about disrupting conventional thinking and control. It offers an original and actionable path forward for adapting to the new volatile environment. SQUIRCLE thinking honors the freshness and natural insights from our intuition while recognizing the role and importance of our rational minds. It frees our innate potential for creativity, agility & sustainability. It shifts our exploitative relationship to nature to a regenerative connection. 

In SQUIRCLE, you’ll see how our cultural bias towards rational, linear thinking has taken us away from nature and our intuition and has boxed us into an unsustainable world of climate crises, the pandemic and widening schisms based on politics, economics and race.

It’s time we revolutionize the way we think to bring the world back into balance. SQUIRCLE invites you to do this, one decision at a time.