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Whether a corporate executive or an independent consultant, join our cohort of accredited coaches.  With the power of SQUIRCLE framework and assessment, you will know how to help your clients, employees, and teams. They will naturally adopt a SQUIRCLE Mindset and Attitude as you guide them to their intuitive intelligence, an untapped potential yet an instrumental ability today. You will enable their innate abilities to adaptat, collaborate, communicate, and innovate, as they discover powerful insights about themselves and their colleagues.

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How A SQUIRCLE Coach Can Help Me

Once an accredited SQUIRCLE Coach, you will master the very skill set and attitude that made 250,000 executives successful at transforming themselves, their teams, and their organizations and preparing for a whole new world that keeps changing faster and grows more complex and uncertain.

You will know how to lead immersive workshops that deliver results, where a new way of being enables a new way of doing business, made operational through proprietary techniques and tools developed over decades and proven in five continents and a variety of industries and company sizes.

You will work with a science-based framework, assessment, tool box, a curation of scientific articles and our own published articles, case studies and FAQs, as well as three international awarded best selling books, reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, and featured on Tech-Crunch, FOX, CBS, and NBC, and presented on TED stage and at Davos World Economic Forum.   

You will be the recipient of a know-how developed by means of our own research, our global leadership development and management consulting practice, and a collaboration with the world leading beauty company L’Oréal’s People Innovation experts, as well as inspired by scholars at some of the greatest universities like Stanford University D-School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management and U-Lab.

You will enjoy an online portal with a dedicated space for you to inform your clients and manage assignments, stay in close contact with our staff and your fellow coaches.

In addition, joining SQUIRCLE ACADEMY is choosing to seize a purpose-driven high impact business opportunity supported by a community defined by a reason for being, a mission, a vision, and a set of values.

REASON FOR BEING We support a sustainable innovative culture with a novel way of thinking and making decisions in order to create a better future for humanity.

MISSION We impart a new leadership mindset that enables organizations and their leaders to solve    complex problems and thrive in disruption. 

VISION We are a non-partisan global learning community making deep-thinking practical and accessible through cutting-edge workshops and training programs. Together, we’re working toward a more innovative and sustainable world in which all people feel interconnected, act responsibly, and support each other to navigate successfully today’s paradigm shift.

  • Integrity. Always give your honest best in competence, accountability, and reliability for the SQUIRCLE Academy to function at its best. 
  • Creativity. Be open to possibilities knowing that there are always more solutions to a problem than we can ever imagine.
  • Agility. In a fast-evolving world, be ready to pivot, adapt, and reinvent with resilience.
  • Quality. The ambition and pursuit of ever greater quality and outcomes in everything we undertake.
  • Humanity. Ensure kindness, benevolence, communication, encouragement, and respect for all always prevail.
  • Sustainability. Emulate nature’s intelligence in everything we do to help solve today’s multiple crises with new solutions

Apply the same business transformation principles that helped our Fortune 500 global clients

What People Say

‘We came into a 3-day session at the LVMH House in London not really knowing what to expect and left…transformed! SQUIRCLE framework and coaches helped us make a very significant organizational change in only 8 months. A real team dynamic emerged to last, based on a strong emotional connectivity which enhanced mutual trust and brought the best out of everyone. All team-members deeply enjoyed the value of the work and the positive impact it had on their individual development. Business performance ‘naturally’ ensued like never before.”

– Jomo Elg, General Manager, Make Up Forever APAC, LVMH

“I worked with the SQUIRCLE Academy team and we all embraced a SQUIRCLE mindset. I saw my team of finance and IT executives transform in front of my eyes.”

– Olivier Leontini, CFO-CTO, Zebra Technologies, Chicago, IL

At a historical time when probably more than ever we need to rethink the way we think, SQUIRCLE offers a fresh sustainable path forward and a decisive business competitive advantage.

– Caroline Brown, Managing Director, Investment Firm Closed Loop Partners, New York City, NY