Clear Square Profile

The Clear Square profile tends to be more rational and structured rather than fluid and flexible in their thinking. When making tough decisions they would much rather go by what facts and figures tell them, and not just wing it or go with their gut. They’re at ease when it comes to tackling tasks, staying on schedule, and getting things done. 

WHAT THEY DO WELL: Efficient at making logical decisions in tough or complicated situations. 

WHERE THEY HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY: Although the Clear Square profile enjoys activities such as checking data and crunching numbers to feed their thinking process, their Square thinking approach may keep them from responding with an open mind and seeing all possibilities when faced with disruptive situations. Their Square tendencies can also hold them back from being able to openly and comfortably interact with highly intuitive people who easily shift and adapt at home, at work, and in life. That’s because the concept of not approaching everything with logic feels a bit foreign to their Clear Square thinking self.