Clear Circle Profile

When a Clear Circle Profile is up against unexpected or difficult situations, the individual will  more readily take a more fluid and flexible thinking approach versus a rigid and structured one. They usually prefer using their natural instincts to make decisions over logical reasoning. By doing this, they are able to open their mind to new solutions and possibilities.

WHAT THEY DO WELL: Clear Circle profiles are good at adapting and improvising.

WHERE THEY HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY: They tend to lean into intuition and agility rather than strictly follow a logical thought process and respect structures in place. This can create an imbalance that may feel stressful at times. For instance, facing a deadline that can’t be pushed back can put heavy pressure on them. As a Clear Circle, they are still able to manage and respect schedules and project timelines, but it’s typically at the cost of frustrating the part of them that enjoys going with the flow and coming up with new ideas until the last minute. They may get uptight (for fear of failing to meet the deadline), whereas following their natural inclination for experimentation — something that’s in sync with a Clear Circle thinking preference — is right in their comfort zone.