Case Study

Ralph Lauren

“ Working with Francis Cholle is more than exciting. It is always very interesting and very stimulating. His approach helps reach the root cause of any business challenge and it systematically enriches any thought process with a lot of depth and rich perspectives. I only wish I had met him earlier in my career. ”

Guillaume de Lesquen, Global President Ralph Lauren Fragrances


Revitalize Ralph Lauren Fragrances worldwide


In 2009, the American fragrance brand was in strong decline (-25% growth). The temptation was great to forcefully recover sales by focusing everything on commercial and promotional techniques at the risk of reducing margins and investments in product development. But the global president of the brand was able to unite his teams and consulting agencies around a radically innovative branding and marketing approach, evidenced by the Intuitive Compass®model. Our collaboration and the transformation of his mindset integrating intuitive intelligence allowed him, at a critical time, to reverse his perspective on the development of a collection of fragrances for men, called Big Pony. From a purely transactional approach, he moved to an empathic and archetypal understanding of his customers, and generated a product that met as much the needs of the time as those of the brand. He orchestrated, before the concept was even in the vernacular, the shaping of the brand’s raison d’être. Exceptional business results followed.


  • Developed from the ground up, The Big Pony Collection for men reached $70 million in 1 year.
  • At the time it was the most successful men’s fragrance launch ever at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s.
  • Just a few weeks after its launch, the collection reached a 6% US market share with no TV advertising, which only started 3 months later.
  • “The Big Pony Collection” became the best performing fragrance brand in L’Oréal’s portfolio.
  • It created a hallow effect on Ralph Lauren fragrance business which grew twice as fast as its global market over 5 consecutive years.